Each Lights, Camera, Location! episode is “open ended” in length and typically extends past one hour.  Given today’s streaming, mobile and internet media options, programs are no longer restricted to 30 or 60 minutes.  This freedom allowed the producers to tell the “whole story” which also parallels the way in which movies are made.  Likewise, if a broadcast network elects to run Lights, Camera, Location!, it’s much easier for our producers to shorten it rather than making it longer.

Each episode is mastered in HD, 1920×1080.

Please refer to the “Season One” page here.

Soon…it’s almost done!

The producing is on-going with each episode in different phases of production.

We generally like to visit at least four of the primary locations from the showcase movie. We also enjoy sharing the locations that might not get a lot of “camera time” in the movie but are equally interesting to visit.

Oh, no!  We won’t challenge perfection.  However, we will mimic camera angles to show our viewers the perspective in which the location was originally filmed.  This helps to capture the mood of the movie as our host highlights a film location.